Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Class Expectations

What qualities do good teachers, students and classes embody?  What expectations do you have of yourself, of Smith, and of this class?

Make sure to proofread your response, as well as comment and connect to one another's.


  1. The qualities of a good teacher are being supportive of other students, try to answer all questions students may have (except “what is the answer?”), and helping students understand more about an assignment. (Also no homework).
    The qualities of a good student are not interrupting the teacher when he/she is talking or giving instructions, always follow the directions before working, and work when the time is given to you.
    The qualities that a good class should have are listen and follow instructions no messing around, and everyone should be quiet when the teacher is giving instructions.
    I have never really been a good writer and I don't really like it. So I try even harder to get an A in L.A.. So I am just going to try the hardest I can.
    My expectations for Mrs. Smith are the same as the qualities for being a good teacher. So That is all I can expect. (But no homework would be great).
    My expectations for this class is that I hope it will be fun and that I will do my best on all the assignments.

  2. When I think of qualities that good teachers embody I think of a teacher that is very outgoing and wants to get a chance to know each student well. Another quality that I think good teachers embody is a sense of humor because everybody likes a teacher who is funny. But they also have to be disciplined and know when is time to joke and when its time to work.

    In my opinion a good student embodies qualities that let them understand what the teacher expects them to get done while being able to know when its time to work and when it is time to play in the classroom. Overall the most important qualities that embody a good class is the student’s relationship with the teacher and with other students in the class. If the students don't like the teacher then they won't care as much or at all about the things the teacher has to say, and if they don't like other students in the class than they might fight. If students get along with the teacher and the other students around them than there shouldn't be too many problems.

    This year in English class I expect to excel in writing essays, I expect Mrs.Smith to give me good grades, and I expect the class to have fun in English class.

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  4. Good Teachers Good Students
    - Nice - Able to focus on class than friends
    - Able to control the class - Stay organized
    - Be organized - Not be shy

    Good Classes
    - Organized
    - Social
    - Supportive

    I have expectations to achieve for a B, iv'e always got the C range.

    My expectations for Mrs. Smith is to help me whenever i'm struggling and to keep at a steady pace.

    My expectations for my English class is that we try to stay on topic/focus, also help each other.

  5. Teachers:
    They always answer a students question.
    Teachers always have in depth explanations.
    The teacher should care about helping the student get a good grade.

    Students should always ask questions if they have one.
    They should be respectful of themselves, and the people around them.
    Students should be quiet while the teacher is talking.

    Classes should be social when allowed but quiet when necessary.
    They should be respectful to each other and themselves.
    Classes should be able to work together when needed.

    My Expectations:
    I believe that I will be successful in English this year. High School will be difficult, but I feel I will do well this year. My teacher seems very nice, and like she will be able to help us with getting better at English. My class seems very cool and funny, and I believe I will become friends with most of them.

  6. Teacher:
    Teachers are supportive and caring for their student.
    They should help a student with a problem if they can.
    They should know how to teach the subject.

    Students should be open to helping and participating in class.
    They should be respectful to the teacher and other students.
    They should be organized, so that their work is turned in on time.

    A class should be respectful to the teacher.
    They should listen when someone is talking.
    They should be able to work together and have fun.

    My expectations:
    My expectations this is year is to try for an A but at least get a B,
    make new friends, work hard, and have an good time.

  7. Teacher:
    Teachers are nice and supportive to their students.
    They are understanding about student life.
    They are able to keep the class fun and interesting, but still helpful.

    They are nice and helpful to those in need.
    They aren't rude and do not interrupt the teacher or any student while they are presenting something.
    They should not procrastinate.

    The class should be hard working.
    They should be able to speak respectfully to others.
    They should work hard as a team.

    My expectations:
    My expectation for this year is to get A's or B's in all or most of my classes, work hard and study good, and do well in extracurricular activities.

  8. Good teacher and student:

    Good class:
    -peaceful learning
    -good vibes
    -lots of work time
    -not a lot of homework

    My expectations are that I learn a lot and also that my teacher Mrs. Smith is a very nice good teacher and I think that because of that, I will have a great learning environment and learn a lot.

  9. Good qualities that teachers embody:
    They make the class interesting so students are attentive.
    They should make sure everyone is understanding what they are teaching.
    They should always be respectful of a students ability, and pace of learning.

    Good qualities that students embody:
    Respectful to those around them.
    They should always be attentive to the teacher.
    They should be open-minded and disciplined.

    Good qualities that classes embody:
    Working together to problem solve.
    Classes should be full of students who came to learn.
    Classes also should have some moments where everyone can joke around because those are the best classes.

  10. Good qualities that teachers embody:
    -They respect a students learning pace and help when they fall behind
    -They understand the students workload and don't pile on busy work
    -They are willing to help students who really care about school and may have gotten a bad grade because of a test or something

    Good qualities that students embody:
    -Show respect for their teacher
    -Are responsible and do all of their work
    -Have some sort of eagerness at the beginning of each day so they are ready to work hard

    Good qualities that classes embody:
    -Show good cooperation skills to be able to work together and help each other
    -Classes shouldn't constantly be nervous/scared for tests because they should all have each other to help
    -Classmates should be respectful to each other

  11. Good teachers listen to their students, don't give too much homework, and let students work in groups. Good teachers arent too strict and let the students have a lot of freedom. A good class is one that is quiet when necessary and can work well together. The class should always respect the teacher. A good student does homework well and studies for tests. He/She does the best they can do and pays attention in class so that they can get good grades. I expect myself to get an A in this class and not to skip homework assingnments. I also expect to study forall tests and quizzes. English isnt my favorite subject but I will try all I can to get a good grade. I want this class to work together, and respect every person. If the class as a whole can do these things then we will all get better grades for it. I expect every teacher to be understanding and do the best they can to help the students along. If every teacher was like this then this entire school could be better as a whole.

  12. Teachers
    ~have fun
    ~Lots of work time
    ~Not much homework

  13. Good qualities that teachers embody:
    -Don't give to much homework
    -Let students interact

    Good qualities that students embody:
    -Interact well
    -Have fun
    -Learn new things

    Good qualities that classes embody:
    -Talkative just not to loud
    -Respectful to classmates and teacher
    -Gets work done

  14. The Class
    The class should be fun to learn too, not only fun because we are with our friends
    The Class should be interesting but fun
    The class should prepare us for future education
    The Students
    The students may have a different way of learning so an individualized approach would be nice
    clear expectations on the lesson and be able to ask for help and get it
    we should be able to respect the teacher and be attentive while being given a lesson
    to be able to have an understanding of the lesson being taught
    The Teacher
    to have clarity on what is expected from the students
    Sh's fun in how she teaches the class
    teaches that teaches us on a level that we all get
    I am a slow learner so a lot of examples of the lesson would be awesome

  15. Good teachers are patient, helpful, always ready to teach, kind, but sometimes strict and they explain the material we are learning clearly.
    I expect Smith to be a good teacher.
    Good students pay attention, turn in assignments, ask questions when they need help, and get involved.
    I expect myself to be a good student.
    Good classes respect each other, work together, and help out one another.
    I expect this class to be a good class.

  16. I think a quality a good teacher embodies is if they are willing to work with the students, when they are having trouble with their assignments/school work. A quality that makes a student good is when they are prepared and ready for whatever it is that they need to get done for that class. A good class is straightforward in what you need to know, and do.
    My expectation from myself is to be prepared and get a good grade in Mrs. Smith’s class, and for Mrs. Smith not to expect more than I am capable of doing throughout the year.

  17. I expect a good teacher to make sure all students understand what they are being taught, and to be patient when a student is genuinely confused. I expect myself, as a student, to stay hardworking and try my best no matter what, to participate in discussion and work during class, and to be attentive to what the teacher is trying to say. I expect my class to collaborate with everyone, exclude no one, and be excepting when a student needs help.

  18. I think that a good teacher should make the class comfortable for the students. The teacher can do this by being lenient but still being to keep the class under control. The teacher should also be able to make the class fun to learn. The teacher should do some interactive activities, and not just lecture every day. I expect the class to be a comfortable environment for all students. The students should be allowed to move around the classroom when needed, but not excessively. The main quality that I think the students, class, and teacher should have, is being comfortable the the class. Also, I think students should be able to always get help when needed, and students should never feel left out.

  19. 1) Good Qualities
    -Willing to work for their students
    -Able to explain concepts in different ways
    -Able to listen and pay attention
    -Don’t rely on teachers for all answers
    -Self advocacy
    -Ask questions
    -Work together
    -Support each other
    -Give and take constructive criticism
    -Allow for differences in opinion

    2) My expectations
    -Capable of human error
    -Able to admit to mistakes
    -Helps me improve my reading and writing skills
    -Sense of community
    -Achieve good grades
    -Improve reading, writing, and literary analysis skills
    - Ability go deeper into the text
    -Enjoy the class

  20. Ag good teacher would listen to what every student has to say, answer any questions we have, make sure the lesson is understood, and of course, teach what the students need to know. A good student does his/her work, listens to the teacher, asks questions, thinks critically and creatively, and respects the class as a whole. A good class works together, respects one another, debates the answer but doesn't argue and works hard together.
    I expect myself to do better than I traditionally have done in LA. I expect Smith to be a good teacher who embodies the above statements. I expect the class to follow the qualities and expectations set by ourselves.

  21. 1) Teachers:
    Lets students work together

    2) Students:
    Ask good questions
    Do their work
    Is respectful
    Able to pay attention
    Figure out problems on their own
    Hard working

    3) Good Classes:
    Helps each other
    Good friends
    Gets all their work done
    Very respectful
    Ask many questions

    4) Expectations for me
    To work as hard as I can
    To do all of the work I get
    To improve my grammar and spelling
    To get A's and B's in every class
    To make many friends in all my classes and older kids in the school
    To us my off hours wisely
    To ask any questions I have

    5) Expectations of Mrs.Smith
    Able to help we with any questions I have
    Able to be a little flexible

    6) Expectations of the class
    To help each other
    To have fun
    To make friends with me
    Also to work as a team

  22. To me a teacher should be a person who is always there to encourage us to do our very best and is always willing to help us and teach us more. A teacher should also be patient and kind, always willing to give a student a second chance. I think a student should always be as kind and respectful to their teachers 24/7! A student should always try to do their part of their job as a body of a class by willing to listen and cooperate with the teachers while they are trying to teach them important things. They are also respectful to their fellow classmates by encouraging the, to do better.

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  24. Good teachers, students, and classes all have different traits to make them run smoothly. A good teacher needs to have several traits in order to have a successful year such as they need to listen to the needs of their students, they need to be capable of providing help and they need to move at a pace good for their students. Some traits a student needs to have is they need to be a good all around listener, have a good work ethic such as study skills, doing homework etc, and lastly they need to be good at note taking. Finally good classes embody hard work, set goals, and good cooperation.

  25. Teacher:
    Good Teachers help all their students no matter what their grade in the class is be it an A+ or an F the teacher should always help that student. Good teachers also put up their agendas a day before so their students can prepare for what's in store for the that day.
    A good class embodies high levels of understanding within each other and high standards of workmanship in that class between the students and the teachers.
    A good student embodies good grades, success in their classes, always turning homework in on time, not being tardy, etc...

    My expectations are that this will be a fun but challenging class. And I think Ms. Smith has the ability to achieve this. I think the class as a whole will succeed with the help of the others and the support of the others on assignments and so on. My expectations for this class are to do well and try my hardest. I will achieve this goal by always doing my homework and turning it in on time but mostly not being tardy.

  26. Teacher:
    -Lets students interact
    -helpful in class and outside of class

    -asking questions
    -getting help for the teacher
    -being kind to the teacher
    -good in class behavior

    -being respectful
    -coming in on time
    -staying in your seat till the bell

    - My expectations are to have a good year in this class and be able to have great relationship with this class and the teacher.

  27. good teacher qualities
    good student qualities
    3)Doing what their supposed
    4)Paying attention
    6)Not talking during class
    good classes
    1)Paying attention
    1)Helpful teachers and students alike
    2)Understanding the subject

  28. Teacher: Good teachers have qualities of making sure everybody understands the information and helps you when you need help. A good teacher doesn’t hold the part of the class that understands the information back but give the confused students an opportunity to go one on one with them to make sure they are not falling behind.
    Students: Good students have the qualities of knowing when a good time to talk and fool around with you is and when its class time. A good student will do the best to help you when you are not understanding the information the teacher is giving. Not only in class but outside of school as well. For example, a good student will make sure he is paying attention in class so then if another classmate is confused about the homework you can tell him.
    Classes: Good classes have the quality of not wasting your time. Good classes will give you information that is going to be very useful when needed in life. Good classes will have a purpose to them and not just some class that takes up precious time that you could be using learning something you will need later on in life.
    Expectations for myself: My expectations for me is to be very organized this school year. Also, to keep up with all my school work and to use all my time as wisely as I can. My expectations is to try my hardest and to have no missing homework over the school year.
    Smith: My expectations for Smith is to be available when I am in need of help. Also, my expectations of Smith is to be patient with me if I am not understanding something very quickly and to help me learn and understand the information to the best of my abilities.
    And the class: My expectations for the class is to have a fun class where we learn and laugh alot.

  29. Teacher Qualities
    -Fun class to be in
    Good student qualities.
    - respectful
    - smart
    - on task
    class qualities
    -on task
    -not boring

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  31. Teachers:
    - The teacher should be nice to the students.
    - The teacher should answer questions from the student.
    - The teacher should be energetic.

    - The class should be quiet when working.
    - The class should not be rude to other classmates.
    - The class should look at students in the eye when talking.

    My expectations:
    - My expectation is to get a good grade so I can stay eligible for basketball.
    - My expectation is to stay on task.
    - My expectation is to annotate my reading with with explanatory notes in order to better understand the context and expand my vocabulary.


  32. qualities of a good teacher
    •somebody who is understanding
    •wants all of their students to succeed
    •caring about their students
    •keeps high expectations
    •enjoys teaching
    •able to control the class
    •supportive of all students
    •helps you out when you ask for help

    Qualities of a good student
    •able to focus on the teacher more than their friends
    •asks questions when confused
    •doesn’t try to talk over the teacher
    •listens to directions when told to do something

    Qualities of a good class
    •they are hardworking
    •respectful towards the teacher
    •they should listen when others are talking

    my personal expectations for the me is to always hard working and to turn all my assignments in on time. I also want to excel in quizzes and tests to have the best possible grade in the class that I can have.

  33. Expectations of Myself:

    -I expect myself to be able to complete and turn in all home assigned work on time and not procrastinate and be distracted by outside influences.
    -I will be quiet when needed, and loud when needed, while being attendant and engrossed in class.
    -I know I should be helpful to all other classmates and give them assistance when they need it.
    -I expect to finish all of my assignments and test on time and with a good grade.
    -I expect myself to expand the boundaries of my mind and the way I see life.
    -I would like to progress myself physically and mentally stretching my physical and metal capacity.

    Expectations of Class:

    -I expect my friends and fellow students to be respectful and responsible to Smith and to all the other students in the class
    -I expect the class to not by interruptive, or distractive so that everyone in the class can maintain focus throughout the day.
    -I expect everyone to have a reasonable amount of niceness to encourage others who are trapped in a shell to come out, and to encourage friendliness to everyone is comfortable and happy.

    Expectations of Smith:

    -I expect our lovely teacher Smith to give us everything we need to succeed but not pamper us.
    -I expect her to create a friendly structured environment for the class to run in, as well as help every student that ask for it and answer every question she gets.
    - I expect her to give us a challenging amount of work that will not stress or bog us down.

  34. Teacher Qualities
    - Understanding
    - Actually cares
    - Not a jerk
    - Does give out tons of homework
    Student qualities
    - Hardworking
    - Self-Motivated
    - Respectful to teachers and other students
    Class qualities
    - Reasonable Noise level
    - Attentive to the task at hand
    - Able to work hard

    I have the expectation of myself to do assignments to the best of my ability and to do my best to have good grades. I expect Mrs. Smith to be reasonable and not give me death my homework. I expect the class to let me work.